If you have met Brad Smith, then you have been blessed by his amazing transformation story. If you haven’t, you need to stop by while he is volunteering at the front desk (Friday mornings). Brad’s enthusiasm shines as soon as you walk in the door at Discover Hope.

“If you want to volunteer, do it with what you are passionate about or with whatever situation your family may be in,” Brad commented when I interviewed him for this blog.

Discover Hope is a great facility to get started on your volunteer journey. He does an amazing job of volunteering at the front desk while greeting guests. However, he will help with anything.

“I may be employed by Whirlpool, but I work for Jesus,” Brad shared with a huge smile.

Brad shared his background and testimony while I sat with him. He is a recovering alcoholic and felt the need to help others with similar experiences. Brad knows what it feels like to be hopeless, when it seems impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel. He feels that whatever is hidden in shame, once God opens it up, you are released. It’s hard journey and Brad has embraced the pain like Christ.

Brad stated with compassion, “If you don’t have Jesus, what do you have? When you do have Jesus, it’s amazing!”

“Through Jesus and prayer, God can move mountains! On the mountain top, the view is spectacular,” according to Brad. Brad didn’t think his life would be this way, but he doesn’t care how it is, he is doing the Lord’s work.

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