We should help others do what is right ​and build them up in the Lord.

Romans 15:2

This week we celebrate our volunteer, Kim Stevenson. Kim has a spark that matches no other. She is one of those people you instantly feel the love she has for the Lord and all people. In her spare time, she enjoys serving the Lord in many ways. In fact, Kim feels she has become a professional volunteer, helping the second grade students at Aurora Heights Elementary School. Her duties include assisting the teachers with bulletin boards and tasks they don’t have time for. She also assists the students with all the crafting activities. Kim loves to be creative, and it shows in the work she provides.

In the midst of being creative, Kim also volunteers at Discover Hope by helping at the front desk with administrative tasks, greeting guests, cleaning where needed and creative projects.

“Cleaning is not my forte, but I will do it,” Kim tells me.

She would rather help with creative projects, but she helps with a grateful heart and truly enjoys letting God’s love shine through her. If you would like a tour of Discover Hope, Kim would be the first to volunteer to show anybody around.

You would never know it, but Kim knows how it feels on the opposite side of addiction. She grew up with an alcoholic in her family watching the destruction that addiction does to the family members and friends, especially witnessing this as a child. Through all the turmoil she faced, they led her to help those overcome their strongholds through Jesus Christ.

“Just knowing that I can come here to help others. This place is not about handouts, it’s about hand-ups,” Kim stated. She added, “You think you are coming to DH to help somebody, but they are giving so much more to you!” She is in awe of witnessing the change in many people.

At Discover Hope, we are truly grateful for Kim’s gifts. God knew exactly what he was doing when he opened the doors to Kim. He gave us a gift of creativity to those who need change.

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