What is Restoration House?

Restoration House for Men aims to rehabilitate individuals who have undergone treatment or to help them transition into treatment. We firmly believe that God wants to not only redeem their lives but also renew them as new creations in Christ. Restoration House will give them a safe place and the opportunity to restore what their old lives have taken and provide them with hope for a new life. This renewal brings restoration not only to their life but to their families as well.

Discover Hope 517 Restoration House is a men’s-only program, up to 12 months, that provides a bed for up to 10 men at a time. Residents in the program will maintain full-time employment, pay rent, do house chores such as cooking and cleaning, regularly attend support groups and other Discover Hope 517 events, study the Bible, and agree to abide by the rules and guidelines set forth.

A commitment to the program and its requirements will provide men the opportunity to remove themselves from the destructive environment they find themselves in and to begin to build a foundation on which to start a new life. We provide a safe environment that helps men identify the toxic thought patterns that have led them into their current circumstances and addictions. We encourage them to allow Jesus Christ to transform them by renewing their minds (Rom. 12:2). This program is an opportunity for men willing to do the work necessary to live new lives in Christ as new creations (2 Cor. 5:17).

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