Breaking Free Recovery

Breaking Free is our all recovery meeting. Anyone seeking a new way of life is welcome to join us.


New Life

The New Life program is our foundational program. It is a 12-month, 3-phase program designed for successful transformation through accountability, connecting people to support, tracking progress and sustainability, requiring ongoing engagement, leading to opportunities for service and leadership.


New Beginnings

This is a support service for family and loved ones of those who are either actively in addiction or recovery. Various books and curriculum will be used, such as Boundaries book. As of 1/1/22, this support service is by appointment only.  


Second Chance Program

The Second Chance program is an 8-week program in conjunction with the recoveree’s employer. This program is designed for an employer to offer an option to an employee who may be struggling with addiction other than termination.


Women of Serenity

Our Women of Serenity group is focused on meeting women’s spiritual support in a more personal atmosphere. Each week they meet to study God’s Word, usually using the Life Recovery Bible topical devotions. Prayer support is a big part of this group.


Life Recovery Bible Study

A Biblical guide through the 12-steps. It’s a journey about transformation: from death to life, from addiction to recovery. It is about walking with God, humbly accepting and doing His will.


Prayer Ministry

This class is focused on spiritual training in prayer and faith. Various books and curriculum are used to discuss better ways to pray, understand our relationship with God and help others in their faith walk. This class is currently not meeting, but stay tuned for more details to come! 


Restore Jail Ministry

Coming back soon!

DH517 offers classes in the Jasper County Jail, focusing on faith-based recovery using some of the same lessons from our Fresh Start program. We meet the inmates right where they are at, offering them hope for transformation through Jesus Christ.


Understanding Dads for Moms

This is an 8-week class aimed at helping moms with the challenges of motherhood via improved communication skills, co-parenting and understanding the father’s role in parenting.


24/7 Dads Group

This is a 12-week comprehensive class offering dads the tools, strategies and exercises for all fathers and at any stage of fatherhood. The class is sponsored by Children and Families of Iowa and facilitated by DH517 volunteers.


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