Shannen Vansice

Discover Hope has changed my life drastically. I had no idea about God or the Bible. That has been very important to me as well as the support that I get from here. Discover Hope means a lot to me, as person and a child of God!

Thank you very much!

Ed Phulbin

I have been coming to DH for 5½ months, and as a prayer warrior for DH, I have had the opportunity to see how many lives are being affected by God, transformed by the Spirit. The commitment that some of the children of God are putting forth is only by the Spirit moving here. I have also deepened my walk with Jesus to be a true servant!

Anonymous 4

Thank you so much for all your prayers and donations. It is so awesome seeing all the people coming to learn about Jesus and recovery. It is so exciting to see them coming back again and again. It is a privilege to come here and share my recovery with them. I hear all the time that this place is their happy place. They know they can come here, relax and soak in some good stuff.

Being a prayer warrior for this group has deepened my relationship with Jesus, seeing God move and provide. Blessings to you and you family for being a part of this ministry. It takes all of us together. Such a privilege to be a part of God’s calling.

Thank you from all of us!

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