Tracie Lindholm
I have been clean and sober for 14 years and have attended AA and NA. I found Discover Hope in December of 2014. I was looking for something else in recovery, instead of looking at Tracie the Addict, I wanted to have recovery support that recognized me as a Child of God first. I found that in Discover Hope. The lessons got me more in the Word, and I got to see through this time how we have grown from an average of 6 people to over 30 people per class. God has been amazing in proving for DH and bringing people in who have a desire to find hope in their addictions through Christ. I have become a member of the Prayer Team/Leadership of DH and feel passionately for what it stands for, and our desire to reach out to those who feel hopeless. It has been amazing to see those who come in broken find peace and hope in Christ.

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