Understanding Dads for Moms Group

Mondays 5:30–6:30 pm

Please contact us to make sure the class is in session for the evening. 


What is Understanding Dads for Moms?

This is an 8-week class aimed at helping moms with the challenges of motherhood via improved communication skills, co-parenting, and understanding the father’s role in parenting.

The class is sponsored by Children and Families of Iowa and facilitated by DH517 volunteers.

Topics Include:

  • Father’s Role in Parenting- A father’s involvement in his child’s life has a powerful effect on the child’s development. Learn how a father’s involvement in his child’s life can affect the child. 
  • Mother and Child Communication- Healthy families are able to communicate effectively. Explore ways to improve communication with your child and other family members.
  • Healthy Parenting Strategies- Effective parenting is different for each mother. SEt goals and objectives for yourself in order to gauge the progress you and your child are making. 
  • Co-Parenting- Shared custody can be difficult and the stress can have a negative effect on your child. Learn skills to constructively manage co-parenting situations, making it easier to raise a healthy child and to treat the father of your child with respect. 

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